I am a photographer from Nannestad in Norway. I have been doing photography since I was a kid, and have more or less been doing it since. I have a lot of experience, doing almost all kinds of photography. Norwegian is my native language. The reason I write in English is that a lot of the people I work with do not speak Norwegian. So if you are adressing me, feel free to speak Norwegian or English. I'm very comfortable with both. I also understand Swedish and Danish well. If I were to describe my own style of photography, it would be something like this: High key and colorful, happy pictures. That is what I enjoy making the most. All though I have done a lot of other stuff too.

I am very easy going and very well organized, and my shoots are very well planned, communicated and executed. This is especially important when working with events or models, or where other people are heavily involved. I love photography and making great images.